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Signs That You Lack Self Awareness

Self-awareness is our ability to recognize our thoughts, actions and emotions. It gives us an opportunity to see things as they are instead of from a fear stance or in ignorance. A lack of self-awareness can cause problems in all areas of our lives when we don’t take responsibility or are completely oblivious to what’s going on around us. We can find ourselves socially isolated when we aren’t able to look inward and recognize what areas we have for growth.

· Never admitting that you are wrong

· Difficulty making decisions

· An inability to see situations from someone else’s perspective

· Unable to recognize your weaknesses (or strengths)

· Unable to recognize or understand your feelings

· Immediately react and regret it later

· You react defensively or aggressively

· Say things you don’t mean

· Nothing is ever your fault

· Shut people down when their beliefs conflict with yours

· Don’t understand why people are offended or assume they are wrong and disregard their feelings

Here’s the thing, for someone who truly lacks any level of self-awareness, this list may seem like it doesn’t apply to you. I challenge you to take a moment and really reflect on whether any of the above list feels true. This isn’t about judgement it’s about growth and honesty. You, being honest with yourself. We all have blinders and weaknesses. No person, that I’m aware of, is 100% self-aware. So where are your growth spots?

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